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Meet Lyndo

Lyndon Gehman is a brand designer based in Myerstown, PA. While working at a marketing agency with some other fun creatives, he received the nickname Lyndo and it stuck!

Lyndon has worked in the creative industry for over 12 years, specializing in brand identity design and advertising. His passion is helping businesses create purposeful and effective brand identities through logo design and brand application.

When he’s not doing design, you’ll likely find Lyndon spending time with his beautiful wife Tina and their little family, experiencing downtown Lancaster, coffee, food or a round of disc golf. Additionally in his spare time, Lyndon is a musician, specializing mostly in composing and singing choral music.
Based in Central Pennsylvania but serving clients throughout the US and abroad.
Lyndon Gehman

Our Core Values

These values guide the way we work together and enable us to create effective and beautiful brands.

1. Simplicity

The process can look daunting, but I aim to step you through it and make it a worthwhile and easy experience.

2. People first.

Design is not strictly about making beautiful things. In fact it’s primarily about people. Relationships and effective communication are at the heart of design. Beauty will result through good relationships.

3. Don't fear the different.

For a brand to survive, it needs to differentiate. We believe in finding those differences and building on them.

4. Excellence is a virtue.

Excellence in communication, in character and in creative output. It’s the goal.

5. Creativity brings results.

The design industry is a creative one. It revolves around solving problems. Together with you we can get creative and provide you with results.