YeahBooch! Kombucha

Brand Identity

Skills: Branding | Packaging | Vehicle Design | Collateral | Signage

Client: Personal Project

YeahBooch! Is an exciting brand of small batch kombucha. In addition to brewing fun, flavorful kombuchas that they sell through various markets they are opening a small retail location where kombucha lovers can gather and enjoy their favorite drink with friends.

On Saturdays, YeahBooch! sets up in town with their BoochWagon, a truck equipped with a kombucha tap where they carry exclusive flavors.

YeahBooch! loves the fun of time spent with friends. This is portrayed through the bright, exciting color palette. The word mark is a heavily customized mark created to convey a fun, and friendly personality. Pop Art influences are present in the visual style embracing the casual characteristics of the YeahBooch! brand.'

Each Kombucha can features custom pop-art styled illustrations depicting the flavors in the kombucha. My goal was to make each can irresistible.

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