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Helping Designers

When I was a new designer I needed someone to help me find my way. Someone to give me feedback on my work.I was blessed with the opportunity to relate to some talented designers who provided that needed mentorship.

Now after working as a designer for over eleven years I am happy to give back to the design community and provide design coaching for today’s budding designers.
Graphic Design

How It Works

One-on-one tailored coaching, designed for your needs and growth goals.

Start where you are at.

I will review your work and chat with you to determine where you are at in your journey and we will use that as a starting point.

Learn by doing.

I believe that one of the most effective methods for learning is by doing. I will provide you with design exercises to stimulate your creativity and practice your learning.

We’ll review your projects.

If you have a project you are working on, you can bring it to your lesson and we will discuss it’s strengths and look at how you can make it even better.


My pricing is simple. $28 an hour. Normally, in the beginning I recommend 1 hr sessions. As you progress and we are used to working together sometimes a half hour will be long enough.

1st hour FREE.
Get on a schedule, or take lessons as needed.
Online or in-person

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